Angler Films was founded by two independent film makers who began their careers on opposite sides of the camera, Warren Elgort as a director, and Will Cart as an actor. The Company serves as a vehicle by which artists collaborate to produce narrative and documentary content.




Warren Elgort attended Trinity School on the upper west side of Manhattan and Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, where he graduated with honors and achieved All-American recognition for collegiate tennis. He began his professional career working across departments behind the camera on film sets. In the fall of 2013, he co-founded Angler Films production company. 

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Will Cart attended Loyola University in New Orleans where he quickly booked his first job, in the film At Last, playing a young M.C. Gainey. He subsequently attended the British American Drama Academy (BADA) in Oxford and Improv Olympic in Chicago and completed his Bachelor's Degree at Occidental College in Los Angeles.